Can the color of the natural gemstones vary?

"For us jewelry is a powerful tool of self-expression, and our pieces are designed to enable each individual to tell their unique story."

— Paola Sasplugas, Creative Director

The natural gemstones are genuinely cut and polished to suit each design, ensuring quality, beauty, and uniqueness in every piece.

Gemstones may vary in tone due to their natural origin. These color variations are proof of its provenance, allowing for the differentiation between a natural gem and an artificial one.

Each mineral has its own inorganic chemical composition, and its components are the final result of geological processes that have occurred on our planet.

For PDPAOLA this is the beauty and unicity of using gemstones for our designs.

These color variations will not be considered as defects or flaws.

*We present the beautiful process of creating a jewel in this article with different videos and images. We hope you like it.